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Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition Kindle Edition

Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition Author: by Charles R. Miller Seller name : Amazon
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Ugly’s Electrical References has been the reference work of choice in the electrical industry for decades, and the 2020 kindle edition will be no exception!


What does this book cover?


Ugly’s Electrical References, 2020 Edition Kindle Edition serves as a one stop shop with all of the day to day electrical and electronic engineering references you could need. It is the book no electrician should be without, and contains the kinds of charts and tables you’ll need to hand for any complex job.


The text includes:


  • Wiring diagrams for control circuits and electrical transformers
  • Using multimeters, non-contact voltage testers and clamp-on ammeters
  • Unit conversion tables
  • The latest changes to the NEC codes and tables
  • Key mathematical formulas
  • Junction box sizes
  • Common wiring configurations (NEMA)
  • A guide to bending and filling conduits


About the Authors


Charles R Miller is the owner and operator of lighthouse Electric Co and Lighthouse Educational Services. He has more than 18 years of experience teaching in the electrical industry. He is also the host of a home improvement radio show and the author of books like Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code.



The author has put all of his substantial expertise into crafting a handbook which no electrician or electrical engineer should be without!