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Writers' Handbook 2020 Paperback – 13 Sept. 2019

Writers’ Handbook 2020 Paperback – 13 Sept. 2019

Kindle Edition Author: by J. Paul Dyson Seller name : Amazon
125 reviews

In Writers’ Handbook 2020, you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of listings detailing agents, publishers, magazines and bits of information vital to the modern writer.  


What does this book cover?


Writers’ Handbook 2020 is the latest edition of the bestselling annual directory for the writing industry, developed by firstwriter.com and authored by J Paul Dyson. It lists more agents, magazines, publishers and other possible partners than ever, and at a price substantially lower than other competing guides in the same industry.


This edition includes:


  • Complete updates of the 2019 listings
  • More than 400 completely new listings
  • More than 80 pages of literary agents alone
  • 100 pages of book publishers
  • More than 80 pages of magazine listings
  • Extensive indexes, divided by subject and type
  • All the information you need to gain access to the best markets for your work


About the Autho


J Paul Dyson studied at the University of Cambridge’s Downing College, where he founded an annual literary anthology. After graduating, he worked his way up to the position of Senior Editor for Thomson Reuters. He is the founder of firstwriter.com, as well as MusicSocket, which provides similar resources for musicians.



With the Writer’s Handbook series, he is delivering an invaluable guide for writers working in all formats and genres, all over the world today.