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Zoology Paperback – 31 Aug. 2017

Zoology Paperback – 31 Aug. 2017

Kindle Edition Author: by Gillian Clarke Seller name : Amazon
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Gillian Clarke’s Zoology is a collection of many of the poet’s greatest works, and especially those inspired by the Zoology Museum and the Welsh countryside.


What does this book cover?


Zoology seeks to convey the poet’s sense of the hares of the Welsh countryside, the golden lion tamarin, the Snowdon rainbow beetle and even the march fritillary. Later sections explore the Hafod Y Llan nature reserve.


Zoology is the ninth Carcanet collection to come from celebrated poet Gillian Clarks. It offers:


  • Insight into the poet’s childhood life and the overhanging threat of war
  • An attempt to empathise with wildlife – both in the field and preserved in the zoological museum
  • A sense of the Snowdonian terrain, rich with abandoned mineshafts and alpine flowers
  • Eulogies to friends, contemporaries and the victims of war


About the Authors


Gillian Clarke has taught at Newport College of Art and Reardon-Smith Nautical College. She is a highly respected and very well-known poet. Her work is known for its archetypal power and lucidity, as well as its deeply personal core. Born in 1937, WW2 overshadowed much of her youth, and is very present in her work.



In Zoology, she gives her readers a deeply personal look at one poet’s vision of the Welsh countryside.